“Keto 101: How to Begin a Clean Keto Diet

Monday, June 1st @ 5pm EST

FREE Live Webinar [No Replay]

Ah, the dream diet...

  • 100% satisfaction
  • No unruly appetite
  • No calorie counting
  • Complete craving control
  • A diet that doesn't feel like dieting

How about we turn that "dream diet" into a reality?

If you haven't been able to fully commit to a diet due to all the denial and deprivation, then you're in the right place.

'Cause I'm gonna get you started down the path to long-term dietary success, once and for all...

In this FREE live training, you will learn

  • What to eat on a clean keto diet
  • How to optimize your health and weight loss with keto
  • How to properly calculate your ketogenic macros
  • My 4-Step Strategy to getting started with clean keto, today


Who is Katie Rodriguez?

Hi! I'm Katie, and I help dedicated women lose weight and gain confidence by crushing the ketogenic diet.

I don't just teach ketoI live it!

I use the keto diet to live my best life.

Over the years, I've increased my energy, stabilized my hormones, shed fluff and healed my gut.

The ketogenic diet has been a catalyst to dietary freedom and optimal health— and THAT is exactly what I want for you too.

Coach Katie in kitchen with kale
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