Best Choice Keto Proteins (plus snacks and supplements)

This downloadable PDF is for you if:

  • You're living (or want to be living) that high-protein keto lifestyle.
  • You're unsure which protein choices are best for a clean ketogenic diet.
  • You'd like to mix it up with new recipes and high-protein snack ideas.
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Katie Rodriguez
Ketogenic Specialist

Katie has taken 10+ years of ketogenic experience and turned it into a roadmap for discovering your path to optimal health and ultimate dietary success!

This downloadable PDF will provide you with:

Best Choice Keto Proteins

I've selected my top protein choices based on optimal nutrient density, bioavailability, and digestibility.

Consciously-sourced Brands

Not all animal protein is superior in nutrient density and bioavailability. I've included brands following best-practice animal treatment.

Snacks + Supplements

Sometimes you need that little something sweet or salty, crispy or crunchy. All snacks and supplements listed are clean-keto approved.

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